Why The Wi-Fi 6 Isn’t Just About Faster Internet

The launch of the Wi-Fi 6 didn’t come at a better time. This is because the demand for faster internet has increased tremendously and will definitely continue to increase – especially as we continue to use smartphones and consume more and more apps, games, videos (streaming) which are bandwidth demanding. Until now, Wi-Fi generations come with confusing names like; 802.11ac or 802.11n.

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PlayStation 5 Is Coming: How Is It Different From PS4?

Undoubtedly, Sony is at the top of the home console competition, and impressively, they’ve been at the top for the past decade – clearly ahead of Xbox, Nintendo, or any other gaming console you can think of. Sony is ready to release its next-generation PlayStation – the PlayStation 5. The anticipation started when the Chief Architect of the next console confirmed in

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eMMC or UFS: Understanding new generation of mobile phone storage

eMMC or UFS: Understanding new generation of mobile phone storage If there is anything these past two decades have taught us about technological advancement, it is that there is always a demand for more. This creates a need to create better products to keep up with these demands. There were times when you could not even imagine a smartphone without

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Does cable length affect charging speed?

As humans, we are naturally impatient. We are programmed to want to the nicest, biggest, and best of things/results in the shortest time possible. And that isn’t exactly a bad thing. We exhibit the same impatience towards with our smartphones and gadgets too, particularly when we’re charging them. We want them to get our battery filled up to 100% as

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Why You Should Safely Eject USB Drives from your Computer

We’ve all done it: pulled out a storage drive from a computer without safely ejecting it. And while everything worked fine and nothing (bad) happened to the drive you didn’t safely eject, you probably shouldn’t do it again, even if your PC doesn’t prompt you to safely eject the drive. Before now, chances are you’ve heard it countless times that

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The Differences between Inkjet and Laser Printers

Be it for work or home use, if you are in search of a new printer, particularly for the first time, there are always a lot of factors to put into consideration. From printer style to printer types, features, connectivity options, display/control options (touchscreen or non-touch) etc, buying a printer could be confusing. That said, one of the most crucial decisions

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